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Review: 'Avengers: Infinity War'  Voir?

Infinity War is a Marvel comic book event on film … one of the good ones, we mean. NO SPOILERS.
(25/04/2018 @ 05:00)
When an English Lit Major Tried to School Isaac Asimov  Voir?

Celebrated science fiction author Isaac Asimov is as legendary as the stories he crafted.
(25/04/2018 @ 04:50)
We'll Never Know For Sure How Everything Began  Voir?

Roughly 13.8 billion years ago, the Universe as we know it expanded from an infinitely hot and dense singularity in space and time.
(25/04/2018 @ 04:39)
Liftoff! Europe's Newest 'Sentinel' Satellite Will Study Earth's Seas, Land and Air  Voir?

Europe's Sentinel-3B Earth-observation satellite rode to orbit today atop a Rockot rocket, which lifted off from Russia's Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 1:57 p.m. EDT.
(25/04/2018 @ 02:58)
Laser Blasts Simulate Crushing Pressure in a Super-Earth's Core  Voir?

For a few billionths of a second, two samples of iron alloy felt the crushing pressure at the center of a giant, rocky planet three times the size of Earth.
(25/04/2018 @ 02:43)
This 3D Color Map of 1.7 Billion Stars in the Milky Way Is the Best Ever Made  Voir?

Nearly 1.7 billion stars have been plotted in unprecedented detail with today's (April 25) highly anticipated release of data from the European Space Agency's Gaia spacecraft.
(25/04/2018 @ 01:51)
How Would We Know If Intelligent Life Existed on Earth Before Humans?  Voir?

This is a serious question, and serious scientists are speculating about what traces these potential predecessors might have left behind.
(25/04/2018 @ 11:20)
This Planet Is So Dark, Scientists Have to Guess What It Looks Like  Voir?

The gassy world is "darker than charcoal" and may swallow up to 99 percent of the light its local star sheds upon it.
(25/04/2018 @ 11:12)
The Truth Behind This Amazing Video from the Surface of a Comet  Voir?

A Twitter user managed to turn 25 minutes worth of images from the ESA's comet lander into a dramatic short film.
(25/04/2018 @ 10:59)
Image of the Day  Voir?

This view of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex was captured by the European Space Agency's Gaia satellite, which just released its second massive data dump from its all-sky survey today.
(25/04/2018 @ 09:40)
Asteroid Miners' Arkyd-6 Satellite Aces Big Test in Space  Voir?

Planetary Resources' tiny Arkyd-6 satellite has completed all its mission goals in Earth orbit, just three months after lifting off atop an Indian rocket, company representatives said.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:17)
China's Chang'e 4 Moon-Relay Satellite Gets a Name from Folklore  Voir?

The China National Space Administration has announced the name of the relay satellite to be used in the country's Chang'e 4 mission to the moon's far side.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:14)
'A is for Astronaut' Is a Fun Space Book for All Ages (and It's Written by an Astronaut!)  Voir?

Clayton Anderson was at a bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska, when the ambush happened.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:10)
Jupiter's Great Red Spot Swirls in Stunning Up-Close Photo by Juno Probe  Voir?

A new photo by NASA's Juno spacecraft captures Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot in all its angry, swirling glory.
(25/04/2018 @ 07:05)
On This Day In Space! April 25, 1990: STS-31 Deploys Hubble Space Telescope  Voir?

On April 25, 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope was deployed! It hitched a ride to space on the space shuttle Discovery with mission STS-31. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series.

... / ... Lire la suite

(25/04/2018 @ 07:00)
Proton Rocket: Russian Workhorse  Voir?

Proton rockets have been in use since 1965, mostly to launch commercial and Russian government satellites.
(24/04/2018 @ 11:09)
You 'Knead' to See Garlic Bread Fly into the Stratosphere, Then Get Eaten! (Video)  Voir?

This tasty stratosphere experiment goes against the (whole) grain.
(24/04/2018 @ 03:13)
Astronaut Chris Hadfield Teaches Spaceflight Essentials in New MasterClass Series  Voir?

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is sharing his knowledge of space in a new MasterClass video series designed to help future astronauts and space tourists with their own missions. Enrollment opens today (April 24).

... / ... Lire la suite

(24/04/2018 @ 02:35)
15 Space Travel Tips from an Astronaut  Voir?

For wannabe astronauts and space tourists, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield offers a lengthy video guide that goes over the intricacies of space flight. Here are the top tips from his master class.
(24/04/2018 @ 02:34)
A Google Street View Car Drove Right Through the Path of the 2017 Solar Eclipse  Voir?

The most-viewed eclipse in history had an unexpected witness: A Google Street View car drives right to the edge of totality, offering a surprising celestial treat for visitors scoping out the event in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

... / ... Lire la suite

(24/04/2018 @ 10:53)

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