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Brand new lighthouse for the ILLW event  Voir?

Four months to go until our 21st annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend and our 153rd entry just arrived from Portugal with a brand new lighthouse for the event
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
LED Bulb RF Pollution - Elektor Magazine investigates  Voir?

DARC, the German national amateur radio society, are requesting amateurs to send LED bulbs which pollute the RF spectrum to the magazine Elektor for investigation
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
ARISS contact planned for three schools in Poland - Update  Voir?

As already announced, an International Space Station school contact has been planned for three schools in Poland. The contact will be handled by US astronaut Ricky Arnold KE5DAU
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
The Royal Mint Experience  Voir?

Members of the Barry Amateur Radio Society will be active from 'Her Majesty's Royal Mint' at Llantrisant, South Wales, UK, signing GB4RME (Royal Mint Experience) between June 1st and 2nd
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
RSGB 2018 Convention  Voir?

Bookings for the RSGB 2018 Convention are now open. The event takes place between October 12-14th, 2018, and there will be topics to cater for all tastes and at all levels across five lecture streams
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
UBA celebrates 70th anniversary  Voir?

The following stations are going to celebrate the founding of the Royal Union of Belgian Radioamateurs (UBA) 70 years ago during May
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
WIA Annual Radio and Electronics Convention  Voir?

Over on the Gold Coast the Commonwealth Games have drawn to a close just in time for the WIA Annual Radio and Electronics Convention (Including the WIA AGM) which is to be held on the 18th to 20th of May, 2018
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)

First, there was Mills On The Air, then Summits on The Air. Now, just when you thought it was safe to come out, comes.. wait for it - WMPLOTA - Walmart Parking Lots On The Air
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
IOTA news from the DARC  Voir?

Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Possible ISS SSTV on Wednesday  Voir?

The latest ARISS schedule notes that the 145.800 MHz FM Slow Scan Television on the International Space Station may be tested on April 25
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Sunday Times publishes RSGB response  Voir?

On April 8, the Sunday Times newspaper published a misleading item about amateur radio in their Home Help section
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Get Icom Radio News delivered to your inbox  Voir?

Icom UK put emphasis on publishing useful and informative Icom news as quickly as possible via its various websites and social media channels. Did you know that the company have a quarterly email newsletter that features details about the latest Icom products, competitions, special offers and company news?

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(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Marconi day at Oxford museum  Voir?

The Oxford Mail reports children and parents turned out and tuned in to help transform one of Oxford's museums into an amateur radio station
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Japanese Special Event  Voir?

Look for special event station, 8J1ITU, to be on the air from Japan between 1500z, on April 30th, and 1459z, on May 31st
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
SWODXA DX Forum at Hamvention  Voir?

Details of the SWODXA DX Forum for the 2018 Day-Zenia Hamvention have been posted
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Canadian radio hams celebrate Marconi day  Voir?

CBC report on the Prince Edward Island amateur radio operators who celebrated International Marconi Day on Saturday, April 21
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
'Girls Can Do ICT!'  Voir?

'Girls Can Do ICT!' is the theme of International Girls in Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICT) Day on 26 April
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)

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