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First impressions videos of the Icom IC-7610 and IC-R8600  Voir?

Icom UK recently had pre-production samples of the IC-7610 HF/50MHz SDR Transceiver and IC-R8600 SDR Wideband Receiver to play with for a few days
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Arecibo Observatory dish sustained serious damage from Maria  Voir?

National Geographic and sites report scientists and Amateur Radio operators have confirmed that Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory came through Hurricane Maria largely intact but 'with some significant damage'
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Falconsat-3 is now open for Amateur Radio use  Voir?

The Air Force Academy satellite Falconsat-3 is now open for amateur radio use as a digital store-and-forward system
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Jeri AI6TK and Amy KM6FZE on Ham Radio Now  Voir?

Jeri Ellsworth, co-founder of the Augmented Reality company castAR (among other things) has added ham radio to her list of accomplishments. She's now AI6TK
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
World Radiosport Team Championship 2022  Voir?

As preparations are under way for the next World Radiosport Team Championship event — WRTC 2018 in Germany next July — the WRTC Sanctioning Committee is already looking ahead to potential locations for WRTC 2022. Yes 2022
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
3rd Limerick Scout Group participating in the 60th Jamboree-On-The-Air  Voir?

The 3rd Limerick Scout Group will participate in the largest Scouting event in the world which sees over 1 million Scouts in over 150 countries coming together on the airwaves in the 60th Jamboree On The Air
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
VERON meets Regulator to discusss RF pollution  Voir?

The Dutch Society has met with the communications regulator Agentschap Telecom to discuss the serious problem of pollution of the RF spectrum by devices such as solar panel installations and LED bulbs
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Amateur radio enthusiasts are handy in emergencies  Voir?

Joe DeAngelo AG6QO, Jay Ballinger N6SAC and Doug Hollowell KJ6VHE are interviewed about amateur radio emergency communications
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Foundations of Amateur Radio- Episode 120  Voir?

Tropospheric Ducting Explained. You've always been taught that VHF communications are line of sight and that the height of your antenna determines how far your 2m communication might go
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Remake of the Amateur Service LCD  Voir?

The Amateur Licence Conditions Determination, the LCD, specifies Australian conditions such as the licence grades, frequency bands, modes and maximum permitted powers
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
dogparkSDR Version 1.08 released  Voir?

Dog Park Software is pleased to announce that version 1.08 of dogparkSDR has been released
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
IberRadio held in Avila with record attendance  Voir?

The third edition of IberRadio, the largest HamFest in South Europe, was held in Avila, Spain on September 16-17 with record attendance over previous editions as well as increased international participation
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
NewsWest - Get On AIR and Make Some Noise  Voir?

In the news this week it's our GET ON AIR AND MAKE SOME NOISE edition and if that's not enough, it's packed full of reminders and news from around the traps - along with our normal segments
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Tunisia legalises individual licences  Voir?

The Ministry of Telecommunications of Tunisia has approved and issued a decree organising amateur radio activity in Tunisia
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
2 Amateur radio Morse code CW practice keys Android app  Voir?

Practice sending Morse code with a straight key and an iambic software oscillator
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
DX News from the ARRL  Voir?

The American Radio Relay League's round-up of the forthcoming week's DX activity on the amateur radio bands
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)

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