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Tony's 10m Band Report  Voir?

For me this week Ten Metres has been fairly dead. The only stations I could hear were Europeans I'd already worked. The CW contest at the weekend did liven things up a bit, for those who enjoy CW. Z60A (Kosovo) is still popular. Best of the rest: HP1ELV (Panama), ZV8WTT (probably Brazil) and PJ2T (Curaçao)

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(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Radio hams help girl guides go international  Voir?

Eight members of the north Norfolk-based Amateur Radio group Bittern DXers have been teaching girl guides how to contact colleagues around the world as part of Thinking Day on The Air
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Louisiana elects new Section Manager  Voir?

ARRL members in Louisiana have elected John Mark Robertson, K5JMR, as Section Manager for the next 2-year term of office that starts on April 1
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
11-year-old talks to the world  Voir?

The Reflector-Chronicle reports on 11-year-old Dylan Krueger who is studying to get his amateur licence and is currently using HamSphere
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
AO3MWC: Mobile World Congress 2018  Voir?

24 February - 4 March this special event station will be on air thanks to Rà dio Club Barcelona, EA3RKB, echoing this first class international event hosted by the mobile world capital
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Blackhead Lighthouse 2018  Voir?

Jim GI0BJH, will be operating as GB5BL from Blackhead Lighthouse, Co. Antrim, UK-0032 on 18th and 19th August 2018, during ILLW 2018
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
IOTA news from the DARC  Voir?

Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
New Jersey Institute of Technology hosts first citizen science workshop measuring the effects of the 2017 solar eclipse  Voir?

This past August, the United States was witness to one of the most beautiful and significant astronomical events in human history – a total solar eclipse that travelled across the country from Oregon to South Carolina
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Fears Sweden's new driving regs may hit amateurs  Voir?

Sweden's national amateur radio society, the SSA, has written to the Government to point out the unintended consequences of mobile phone driving legislation on radio amateurs
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Enter to win a HackRF One SDR, Ubertooth, and dozens more Ham Radio prizes  Voir?

NooElec and have teamed up again to give away a HackRF One SDR Transceiver Package and over 49 other radio-related prizes. That's 50 prizes worth over $2,000
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Spratly Islands DXpedition set for March  Voir?

The ARRL reports the Spratly Islands may be on the air in early March under the Malaysian call sign 9M0W from Layang Layang Island (Swallow Reef) with CW, SSB, and digital operation on 160 through 6 meters
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
Experimental home brew equipment does not require type approval  Voir?

Experimental home brew equipment developed and built by South African radio amateurs for their own use in terms of the conditions of their license will not require type approval, ICASA agreed at the quarterly SARL/ICASA liaison meeting held on Thursday last week
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
SpaceX Tesla Roadster photographed passing a star cluster  Voir?

How far away can you see a cherry red Tesla Roadster? Yesterday, a telescope in Chile spotted Elon Musk's electric car 3.7 million kilometers from Earth as it was passing by star cluster NGC 5694
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
More than a hobby  Voir?

The Squamish Chief interviews Gursimran Gill VA7GUR and Tom Gilchrist VE7NG about amateur radio and its wide-reaching applications
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)
IOTA news from OPDX  Voir?

Weekly IOTA News - compiled by Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, editor of the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin
(31/12/1969 @ 19:00)

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